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  WELCOME BACK TO PASTOR PATRICIA J’s BLOG Praise God from whom all blessings flow! My prayer for you is love, joy, peace and the hope we have in Christ Jesus. That you never forget it, that it always encourages you and that you be strengthened by the remembrance of it. So much has changed since the last post on this blog and I want to give you an update. Pastor Patricia J.Com has expanded and we can now be found on these social media sites: Website : (temporary)   [ [permanent] TikTok:       @pastorpatriciaj Twitter:     @pastorpatriciaj Instagram : @pastorpatriciaj Facebook :   pstr patriciaj Pinterest: @pastorpatriciaj Blog : YouTube:   Pastor Patricia J [] Podcasts: ‘Grace is Sufficient…From Learning It to Living It’ [] ‘Book Chapter Verse: The Musical’, connects ly

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